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Sourcing local products

When possible we source and purchase products locally. At times that involves a lot of work. However, both the process and the product make the extra effort worthwhile. As a custom builder and remodeling company our customers often prefer unique products that can be best obtained by going directly to the source. When that is the case, we look to find those unique products locally.

What does “going local” mean to us?

Sometimes “going local” means simply using local vendors such as R.S. Monger and Sons, Mossy Creek Cabinet Company, and Excel Heating and Cooling. In this case, some of the products may not originate locally. Yet, we are supporting a local business which supports the Harrisonburg community.

And then there are unique projects that require more…

We work with a wide range of clients, who tend to be creative and have unique projects. For example, as a custom home builder, we recently worked with a residential client to fabricate a metal island. The clients envisioned a large island that fit their space, was easy to clean, and could withstand wear-and-tear from a house full of kids. In our work building-out restaurants, we encounter many unique projects. While building Ruby’s Arcade we obtained the bowling lanes from nearby in Maryland. The equipment is in use today and the old bowling lanes were repurposed into tables for Ruby’s Arcade.

This is what it looks like to go to the local source.

Below are photos taken on our day harvesting local wood. A man with a farmette close to Broadway wanted these standing dead trees taken down. We need wide slabs of wood for future projects so we cut the trees and milled them into slabs on site. Eventually, this wood will be used for things like Jack Brown’s Beer and Burger Joint bar tops. Look for our next blog post to learn more about this locally sourced wood and how it was processed and inspected for use in custom building projects.

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