Ruby's Loft Apartments

Ruby’s Loft Apartments

Working with high-quality local vendors, tradespeople and artists is part of what makes our product exceptional. In this blog series, we ask our partners what it took to create the Wine Brothers Building apartments “Ruby’s Loft” above Ruby’s Arcade. In this first post, our colleague from Excel Heating and Cooling explains the challenges of creating the inner working components of the space. Post two is about the cabinet design/build. We interview local artist Tess Sherman for post three, whose work putting the finishing touches on the space gave it unique flair.  

Learn about the systems of the project from Excel Heating and Cooling

At Excel Heating and Cooling we design and build duct systems, mini-split and variable refrigerant flow systems for Sustainable Solutions of Virginia. The Ruby’s Lofts were redesigned from a large open storage area to four luxury apartments. Our team was asked to design an HVAC system for each unit. We installed a heat pump and air handler for each apartment that operates quietly and keeps the space comfortable year-round. A loft bedroom was built in each unit so we needed to install our ductwork into the floor truss system to distribute air for the main floor and the upper loft bedroom.


The old architecture of the building made this an interesting and challenging project. These are the types of projects that we at Excel truly enjoy being a part of. We are able to give back to our local community by improving the efficiency of these old buildings, as well as, helping to keep the old architecture and character of the buildings intact. In this project, we problem solved to install vents around the original architecture. The addition of firewalls and structural systems within the space created a challenge. We coordinate our design work with Sustainable Solutions and other trade partners so that the final product has the necessary inner workings without interfering with the beauty of the space.

Design Finish

No space is complete without comfortable and clean air! At Sustainable Solutions, we are grateful to Excel for their attention to detail and quality work. It takes quality systems to be able to create a well designed and beautiful space. It if is the finish aspects of the design you are most interested in, follow us on Facebook to see when we post about the cabinets and artistic finish.

Photo Gallery Below

Project partners Alex Ivanitsky of Mossy Creek Cabinet Company and artist Tess Sherman are photographed with Sustainable Solutions owners Danny Rohrer and Neal Lewis and building owner Clay Clark.

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