Melanie Woodard


Interior designer Melanie Woodard talks about design and what she brings to the Sustainable Solutions team

Melanie’s Talks About Bringing Local Flair to Design….
I grew up on a farm in Bridgewater Virginia, and have always been interested in design.  Living on a farm gave me lots of space to be creative. Whether I was redesigning my bedroom, or exploring the family farm, I was always imagining how to make everything more visually appealing.  I love the idea of creating things that are as beautiful as they are functional. Now, as an interior designer, I get to bring my problem-solving abilities to clients’ homes and workspaces.
Client’s Needs are at the Heart of Design for Melanie…
Seeing clients feel peaceful and at home in their own space is the reward for a design job well done.  When I first start a design project I begin by figuring out how clients feel in the current space. I listen to clients to determine their needs. Seeing the clients emotional response, and hearing about their needs, helps me to make sure that I produce a design that is not just visually and functionally appealing, but also brings “home” to the space. It is easy to just fill or change an area. Finding a purposeful design is the art that I love.

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