Sustainable solutions nominated in top 150 of Remodeling 550

Remodeling 550

Sustainable Solutions of Virginia has been recognized on the 2016, Remodeling 550 list. The magazine ranks remodeling companies nationwide based on quality indicators such as employee benefits and volume.

Sustainable Solutions of Virginia is well positioned for both commercial and residential construction remodel work in Harrisonburg and the Shenandoah Valley. The company is known for creating strong relationships with clients to provide them with a quality product and process. Sustainable Solutions’ employees are unmatched in their professionalism and craftsman skills. Many employees have been with the company for more than a decade. Additionally, at Sustainable Solutions we use high quality local sub-contractors and vendors, such as Weaver’s Flooring America and Engineering Solutions, to ensure quality work.

It is an honor to be included on the Remodeling 550, 2016 list. Sustainable Solutions of Virginia is the only remodeling contractor in the Shenandoah Valley to be recognized. Below are before and after photographs of a recent Harrisonburg, VA remodel project. It is projects like this that made us a contender for national recognition.

This before photograph shows how dark the space was. The space needed color, light, and personality!

Our clients came to us for help remodeling this space to make it more visually interesting and for practical improvements. We overcame several challenges to make the client’s vision a reality. They began with a space that was dull and uniform, very similar in style to the other cottages in the surrounding retirement community. They desired to retain some structural elements of the space, including some of the original cabinets, in order to be efficient with cost and resources. To overcome this challenge we added custom cabinets in amongst some of the original. Then we removed the upper cabinets, and the countertops. By removing the upper cabinets and replacing them with new artistic boxes and open shelving we opened up the space.

Despite being in a retirement community, the space was previously laid out lacking several important accessibility features. For example, the shelves were difficult to reach into without bending and stretching. Also, the microwave was too high to reach for someone in a wheelchair. We redesigned the space, moving these items to make the space accessible.

The photos of this work highlight the individualization and creativity required to complete this project in an efficient fashion. We enjoy the fact that this work shows that retirement living can be innovative.

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