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Sustainable Solutions is now proud to offer solar photovoltaic installations for electricity, to complement our solar thermal for hot water services.  We aim to be the Shenandoah Valley’s leading experts in solar energy services.  Adrienne Fuller, our solar director, can walk you through the various aspects of a solar energy installation, between choosing the right products, evaluating your return on investment, and working with your electric utility.  There is still a 30% tax credit waiting for you!  Read on to learn about the full range of solar services we provide and contact us at (540) 433 8001 for a free site assessment!

Solar Photovoltaic for Electricity

Whether for your home or your business, the guarantee of rising electricity prices is proving that producing your own power has solid returns on investment.  Solar panel prices have plunged in the past year, making solar energy increasingly more affordable for home and business owners.  Our systems are seeing a 6-14% return on investment.

Sustainable Solutions provides expert knowledge of the newest technology and the most reliable products.  Plus, we have the benefit of being a full service contractor, so we can handle any size job and you know you are receiving the highest quality installation, service and support.

Solar Thermal for Hot Water

skylightsSustainable Solutions is a 5-star Solar Installer of Velux brand products.  Our Velux systems have the most reliable quality and the best aesthetics.  With the option of roof-integrating the solar collectors, your installation will look just like a skylight.  In fact, you can pair the collectors with Velux skylights to create a sleek, low profile look.  Learn more about Velux by clicking here.


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Call Adrienne at the the office (540) 433-8001 to learn more and schedule a free site assessment.