Our Methodology -

At Sustainable Solutions of Virginia we don’t just move the Earth to create your perfect project, from design to project completion we thoughtfully take into consideration the impact your structure has on our planet.

When using Sustainable Solutions of Virginia you can expect us to employ the following method to assure that you get the outcome that you want on time and on budget.

I. Initial Meeting

Upon first meeting our number one priority is to listen to you. It is only when we know your expectations that we can plan and implement a project to your satisfaction.

The initial meeting is also a good time to ask questions about the building process and learn more about how Sustainable Solutions of Virginia offers more than other firms.

If you do not have architectural design plans Sustainable Solutions of Virginia can work with you in the design or selection of your plans.

II. Estimate

Based on your budget and priorities we will provide you with an initial estimate for project completion. Additionally we will explain what you will receive for your investment.

At times customers decide to get estimates from a few companies. If you wish to do this we encourage you to always probe beyond an initial dollar figure to learn what you will get for your investment. Some companies appear to offer a deal but in the long run may prove to be more expensive or offer a faulty product. At Sustainable Solutions of Virginia we are committed to being explicit about the quality that you can expect from your investment.

III. Final Planning

After we formally commit to working together the final details of your project will be arranged.

We offer a detailed booklet organizer and budgeting tools to make your selections easy. Careful planning can save you from costly changes down the road. We are available to support you and answer question as you make choices about the particulars of your project.

We are in the unique position of being able to explain the specific costs associated with energy efficient and sustainable selections as well as explain the potential long term savings associated with these choices. This will allow you to choose products that best meet your needs and values while also staying within your budget.

At this point the architectural drawings and timelines for your project will be finalized and you will have a detailed budget with allowances. A contractual final estimate will be signed based on your final plans.

IV. Construction

During construction it is time for us to produce results and for you to enjoy watching your project unfold. Our careful planning promotes a low stress construction process.

V. Enjoy

Sustainable Solutions of Virginia offers product guarantees so that you will be sure to enjoy your structure for years to come. By definition “sustainable” means to endure. We are certain that living in a healthy, resource effective, home will not only be an enduring source of pride and comfort but also prove to be a smart investment.