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We are an active member of the EarthCraft House program. Created in 1999, this residential green building program serves as a blueprint for energy and resource efficient homes. Any size and type of home can be built to EarthCraft House standards.

Sustainable Solutions of Virginia is one of the first companies in Harrisonburg, VA to have built an EarthCraft certified home. For the EarthCraft certification process, we document the building process to demonstrate that the home scores enough points to obtain certification. To ensure adherence to the program, every EarthCraft House is inspected and tested by an independent third party inspector.

At Sustainable Solutions of Virginia, we appreciate the flexibility of the EarthCraft House program. Working in conjunction with the homeowner, we can achieve the necessary score for certification while helping to determine the measures most practical for each individual project and budget.

How it Works

Builders are guided through a design review process to identify site planning and construction decisions. A holistic, point-based plan is adopted addressing all aspects of energy efficiency, durability, indoor air quality, resource efficiency, waste management, and water conservation. An energy analysis ensures that each home will meet a higher standard and prove a 15 percent reduction in energy consumption over 2004 IECC. Ongoing third party verification ensures quality, from site preparation to final diagnostic house testing.

Program Elements

Since being adopted in Virginia during 2006, the EarthCraft House Program of Virginia has certified 525 homes, as well as 673 new construction and 1720 renovation multi-family units.

Common elements of the EarthCraft House Program include:

  • Site planning
  • Energy Efficient Systems
  • Energy Efficient Lighting
  • Waste Management
  • Indoor Air Quality
  • Resource Efficient Design
  • Responsible building materials