Commercial Construction Services -

In addition to our residential services, Sustainable Solutions of Virginia offers a wide range of general commercial construction services, including waterproofing and framing services as well as solar thermal solutions. We can support design builds, corporate construction projects and renovations.

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Though many companies provide commercial building services, Sustainable Solutions of Virginia employs an innovative approach that makes how we build, even better than what we build.

We utilize advanced framing, a technique used to reduce construction waste and the overall amount of lumber required for wood framed buildings. While still ensuring a well-built structure, this process increases the building’s energy efficiency and reduces its reliance on lumber and other materials. Advanced framing replaces lumber with insulative material and maximizes efficiency, which improves the whole-wall thermal resistance or R-value. We are one of only a few companies in this area that has experience with the advanced framing concept. Our knowledge results in:

  • Materials cost savings
  • Labor cost savings
  • Annual heat and cooling cost savings